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1 10 - Top Games 15/7/2008, 8:51 pm

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Breed down:
megaupload.com 226ANB3T
megaupload.com 43U9PSXW
megaupload.com 42JZTA11

Prince Of Persia Warrior Within

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Pass: www.fullddl.net"

Battlefield 2 Special Forces

There's some really great new ******* in Special Forces that builds on the strengths of Battlefield 2. Special Forces adds a total of eight new maps, including a spaceport complete with a launching pad and rocket, gutted- out cities, an airfield, and an island. All these maps have an infantry-heavy focus, even on their larger, 64-player variants, and that's good news to Battlefield 2 fans, since the most popular levels in the core game are the urban ones, such as Strike at Karkand. The other good news is that the expansion features a number of urban levels similar to Karand and Sharqi Peninsula. In fact, they may be a bit too familiar, as there are some buildings and objects recycled from the core game. Still, there's enough new ******* in the levels to differentiate them from their predecessors and to provide more urban playgrounds to romp around in. For example, there's a palace level in which one side has to battle through a city to the palace's gates and then into the palace itself, which provides a large mix of indoor and outdoor combat. Yet perhaps the best new map is a reverse amphibious assault, in which the Middle Eastern Coalition forces must board and take over a US aircraft carrier defended by Navy SEALs; the action takes place on the carrier's deck, in its vast hangar bays, and in its corridors and rooms below
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Scooter Wars

SW resembles the recent London Racer: Destruction Madness (by the way, and it by birth from the country of tulips): it also they modelled from the trimmings. Largest piece - not a bit not changed city from Pizza Dude, the tasteless piling up of boxes, decorated with rare architectural sights, unhealthy form by trees, with the heap of brainless drivers and by the bright sun. But without the terrible restaurant from the common brick. "their" answer to achievements Electronic Arts, on the whole. Cursor, it goes without saying, they did not change, and it as before desperately harms game. Novelties, of course, it is more. Surprise №y - the model of the scooters of four types. They are distinguished... by gm... by characteristics, it is completely deprived of inertia, about which it complained associate Nomad, and they were capable of passing ten it was meter on one wheel (better not to exaggerate, and that drop not to avoid). The miracle of technology is extraordinarily hardy - with the collision it discards the kilogram of spare parts, that it not at all prevents racer from reach the finish without the adventures. Surprise №2 - participants, who learned themselves to part from its transport and to entertainment somersault on the asphalt. It is so entertainment that finally you are convinced through the pair of minutes - here live bioroboty. Finally, contest. Intelligence in them a little. For the separately thinned natures there is a regime "Cruising", where it is possible to go for a drive on the monotonous by-streets and to select on sport area with the springboards (one of the "inactive" attractions, by the way, it is copied from FlatOut). Simple people is satisfied the 12th by the rounds on "chekpoyntam", conditionally connected with each other. In each it is compulsorily necessary to conquer, otherwise the parameter "respect" will fall, money to the entrance payments it will not remain, and it is necessary everything to begin anew. However, local intellect knows how only to press to the gas, to turn and nonstandard to react to the obstacles. But stylishness itself - these are prizes. Acknowledge, you indeed have long ago did dreamed to obtain for the first places in the computer races badly drawn gamburgery, small packets with the potato and insertable jaws?
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Scooter Wars
Password: www.bolty.us
Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War [HTTP]

Ten thousand years passed from those times, when chaos covered humanity. The burning planets flared up and pogasli on the entire galaxy. And here begins new era - era of strategic wars. The bitter by war forces refer in the reckless fight for the survival. Complete control over one of 4 survived in the war races is given to you into the hands. The faith in the victory, military habits and strategic thinking will give to you final control over the galaxy.
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Prince Of Persia I & II

Not cracked (I have no time for it now), must use key codes in the attached Keycodes.jpg to play

Download instructions: remove the "http://_" in the download window to access the RS link.

password: avaxbr
DreamStripper v1.3

Your own personal stripper on your own computer! You decide her dance moves, what she wears, even the music! Have her writhe or spin just when you want as she dances or create an erotic and exotic dance just that is just what you desire.

DreamStripper v1.3 Download:
megaupload.com U6WEYIKX

Cold Fear

Password: www.snakebytewarez.com

Game: FATE !

Here the link:
Game download (full):


add on:

Grand Theft Auto 3

"With Grand Theft Auto III, Rockstar proves that not all developers are concerned with toning down the violence in their games... Players are free to steal cars, beat up the local population for their money (or weapons), make time with prostitutes, or simply roam to their heart's *******... Nab a cop car and go on vigilante missions. Grab a cab and play a deadly version of Crazy Taxi. Take a fire truck and earn money putting out fires. The game just never gets boring."

Note: This is a rip by Myth, doesn't have radio station music. For information on adding your own MP3 music, please refer to "Instructions.txt" file in rar.


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